Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Newborn Session: Aiden Matthew

Hi everyone!

So yesterday I was given the distinct honor of photographing my first newborn session! Go me! It has been such a crazy past few months. My family and friends are asking me left and right to photograph them, and each time I am asked, I tear up. The fact that they trust my skills enough to want me to capture their lives is incredible, and I am so thankful.

Let's move on to this GORGEOUS photo session. I shot these photos of my nephew (cousin's baby) at my grandma's house. She has a really nice, but very small sun room with nice big windows, so the lighting was top notch.

We started out by placing him on a Tonka truck:

 Eventually, we got a little smile out of him:
Next, we decided to place him in a basket:

Then, we chose a Detroit Tigers blanket as our backdrop, and let him have some tummy time in front of it:

 And I was able to capture another smile:

Then I captured some in-between moments with his mommy, my cousin-in-law Kaitlyn:

Isn't she beautiful?
Then we found one of my Papa's trucks, so we placed it in front of him. Made for a nice focus point:

And of course Aiden's daddy, my cousin Brian, wanted some lovin, too:

 Mommy and Daddy loving time!

The photo above is one of my favorites. Such a sweet moment.

 And here comes Big Sister Alexandria (we call her Allie):

 And the final shot of the evening:
This photo shoot is proof that you don't need a fancy-shmancy studio and tons of lighting equipment. All you need is a room with lots of light coming in.

Big thanks to my Auntie Vicki and my cousin Sara for their help! You make such great assistants :)

xoxo, Ang